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Heritage Clubs in Schools of Delhi
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Heritage Walk on 21st May 2011 in Mehrauli Archaeological Park
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Heritage Clubs in Schools of Delhi


Heritage Club

Functional Objective of Heritage Club:In the overall educational rhythm of the institution

Heritage Clubs can be a laboratory to explore the linkages between different subjects and create a platform for interdisciplinary approach to education.

The activities of the heritage clubs can start by creating heritage walks but there must be calendar of events surrounding a monument that could form post walk activities for different age groups/ classes to work out exhibits, projects, travel exhibits.The activities around one heritage landscape can be elaborated in a manner that a monument a year can be work for the entire year for the school under the aegis of the heritage club.

Guidelines on formulating Heritage Clubs

• Activities and typological instructions in formulating Heritage Clubs in Schools

• Appointment of two teachers and two children to be in charge of the Club activities

• The Heritage clubs will outline an annual calendar with various classes on projects they need to address in the calendar year.

• The activities could include work creation of exhibition, talks and workshops by experts.

• Each school would need to send in regular reports along with scanned photographs to SRDC

• The first activity will be that of creating, designing and executing a heritage Walk. For this every school who has attended the training workshop on Heritage Clubs and Heritage Walks of SRDC will do the following:


1)      Schedule a date for a walk and give SRDC at least 10 day’s notice in order to organize media coverage, attendance of SRDC’s representatives, and documentation team. 

2)      The following information will need to be communicated to SRDC:

  • Title of the Walking Exhibit and chosen heritage site
  • Name of the teacher who will lead the walk
  • Class grade of the children attending the walk
  • A list of planned activities need to be submitted to SRDC as post walk activities such as creation of photographic exhibit; talks by experts on subjects related to the heritage site; workshops with craftsmen and artisans.

Some instructions for School Educators for conducting Heritage Walk

  • The entire complex of the heritagescape will need to be researched and covered
  • Each walk should not extend beyond 1hr 15 mins.
  • Each walk must incorporate a performative element which is related to the heritage site
  • While the Walk has to be executed by a teacher, the performance can be done by students
  • There should be no Bollywood element at all in the performance
  • Research and a practice visit to the site would need to be made prior to the event of the walk
  • SRDC will expect a report on the activities of the heritage club.
  • Assistance from SRDC.  
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