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Redevelopment of Jama Masjid Precinct

Redevelopment of Jama Masjid Precinct


The Jama Masjid Redevelopment plan includes proposal for redevelopment of the peripheral roads and the precinct within it. The Plan of precinct covers an area of around 12.7 Hectares around the Jama Masjid, and includes the peripheral streets of about 3kms, starting from Subhash Marg to back of Jama Masjid till Subhash Marg at Parade Ground car parking. The conceptual plan identifies the issues, like spatial organisation, commercial activities, circulation, facilities for the worshippers of Jama Masjid, present infrastructure utilities, civic amenities etc. The recommendation include environment upgradation of the precinct, provision of pedestrian path, upgradation of the streets, provision of cycle tracks, public amenities, parking and public places, improvement of circulation pattern etc.

The Jama Masjid and the surrounding areas are a key part of our heritage is beyond doubt. The Precinct is currently in a state of decay and there is an urgent need for renewal. The area of intervention of the Redevelopment (Refer attached map). Enclosed by peripheral streets and Subhash Marg.

 Project Aim

  • Identifiable urban form for the Precinct
  • Contemporary environment befitting the heritage of this Precinct
  • Open up a visual and physical link to the Red Fort
  • Create democratic multi use civic space and streetscapes
  • Development of a new physical plan, incorporating modifications in:
  • Land use
  • Built fabric
  • Movement networks & parking
  • Urban infrastructure services
  • Rationalization of spaces for commercial and other uses

Guidelines for:

•    Building typologies and construction materials

•    Improvement of environment around existing Mazaars and shrines

•    Wuzu facilities

•    Public amenities

•    Landscaping

•    Lighting

•    Signage

•    Facilities for visitors and tourists

•    Street furniture



M/s Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates (M/s PSDA) has been appointed for the preparation of DPR.



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